The Good and the Bad of Wealthy Affiliate


I would like to give a personal review of the good and the bad at Wealthy Affiliate.  In the past 7 years plus, I have been with Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member, it has indeed been a great privilege to see how the system works.  The owner Kyle and Carson have shown great integrity and honesty that is not part of many other training platforms.

This I know as my wife and I have been scammed by many so-called affiliate and internet training platforms.  Not only are the owners very conscientious to their members, but they are also developing new tools of business for our use.

The Good

1. World-Class training on affiliate marketing and the workings of the             Internet.
2. 50 free websites (Premium Members). (Small annual hosting fee)
3. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.
4. Free Webinars.
5. The friendly Wealthy Affiliate Community can be like a helpful family.
6. Fantastic Site Support which many times correct a site problem in minutes.
7. Live Chat where questions can be answered on the spot.
8. Many other great features such as incentives (the Las Vegas trip for awarded for WA promotions), continuous efforts by Kyle and Carson to better the great features we have now, the opportunity to share with the WA Community success, failures (ugh), questions, and ideas.

The Bad

Let me see now I am sure there is something I could complain about. Mmmmm, let me think for a minute or so. Nope, for the life of me, I can’t come up with one complaint. Must be something, unless when I have to sign off from Wealthy Affiliate for meals or bedtime I am disappointed to leave this wonderful experience.

This can be a very special and wonderful experience for you in learning how to improve your future with the meaningful knowledge offered by Wealthy Affiliate

Why not check out what Wealthy Affiliate can offer.  See Product Review: Wealthy Affiliate for more information