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Have you ever thought of working at home in a full-time or even part-time position?     Are you tired of the drudgery at work?  Does your boss appreciate you?

Maybe you really do love your job and don’t plan to quit.  Could you use some extra cash to make that vacation dream come true?  Or maybe you just need that extra cash to make ends meet.  So how do I build an online business?  Please read on.

Even if your company is pretty safe from job force reduction, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pay off those credit card debts?  How about replacing that run-down sofa the kids have battered?  A few extra hundred $$$ a month would be great, wouldn’t it?  Whatever the reason, I think almost all of us could use an extra $$$.

So how do you go about getting that extra cash? A part-time job? That means more hours away from home plus commuting,  even if it is only a few miles.  Sometimes an extra job can be very costly in terms of family relationships plus the expense of commuting, maybe work clothes, and other expenses.

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So maybe it is time to consider the idea of building your own online business, working at home.  It might be full-time or just part-time, that depends on your situation.   At home, you are there for the kids, and husband (wife) and you can make some extra $$$.

There are a lot of possible business ventures you could get into. You could look into Multi-Level Marketing or MLM.  MLM generally is direct sales from an inventory that you have to buy and recruiting others to build your “organization”.

Most Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies usually require you to pay some sort of a start-up fee from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and maintain a product inventory,  depending on the company.

Do you like sales and are pretty good at it?  Then an MLM enterprise could be the answer if you have that extra start-up funds.

There are also direct sales where you buy a product from a wholesaler and sell directly to the public.  You have to do the advertising, handle the customer service, keep an inventory stocked, and ship out products to the customer.

There is a better way of building a business.  For those that aren’t the sales type or don’t like sales, there is definitely a better way.

The better way is affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is a concept where you partner with a larger company than your own business and all you do is advertise in the form of “product” posts on your website for the parent company.

The parent company provides a link to its own site along with banners and advertising posters. When a customer clicks on that link from one of your posts he/she is directed to the parent company to buy the product.  From then on the customer deals with the parent company; on payment, shipping, and any other customer service needs.  You collect a prior agreed-upon commission for directing that customer to the parent site.

Now to get into affiliate marketing you need to have a website and training on how to become an affiliate marketer.  The best company known for its fantastic training is called Wealthy Affiliate.


First, let me explain that WA is not an employer but a trainer. They will train you on how to make money online. How is this done?

First of all, in order to make money online, you need a website. It is very difficult or almost impossible to earn anything online without a website. You get a free website and a host of training courses and other amenities with Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership. Besides the free website, you will be trained on how to market your niche.


What is a Niche in Affiliate Marketing

A niche is what you are attracted to golf, fishing,  outdoor activities child care, health-related issues, aviation, women’s make-up, autos, artistic interests, etc. There are many “niches,” but generally speaking it is the “passion or interest” in your life.

Instead of promoting products on your websites such as soap, cleaning products, vitamins, juices, and other non-interests, you would be promoting what you love.

“Does this mean that I will get rich very soon”. The answer is a definite NO. I will be blunt, about this, it will take some time and a bit of hard work. But the satisfaction of having your own business and seeing it grow is most satisfying.  So don’t quit your job yet.  Build your business first.

During your training at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be given many great ideas on how to find your niche in products or services that you can promote on your free website.  Then you will be shown how to find an “affiliate partner” to work with and receive your commissions.

Maybe you want to learn about an E-store or make E-products.  As you soak up this incredible training, many ideas for diversified avenues of revenue can come to you.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community will always have some ideas for business growth.  As you learn about this incredible way of business, affiliate marketing, you will be able to help others in their journey as Wealthy Affiliate.  It is called Wealthy Affiliate, “paying it forward”.

You will find that the number of niches is so diversified that there is no competition in the community.  Even if you find a few other folks in the same general niche, remember there are about 3 billion people on the internet every day, so there is plenty of potential customers.


You can join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member for no cost at all.  If you are ready to really dive into the training, join as a Premium Member for $49 a month.  By paying an annual fee of $359 you can save $92 a year.

The chart below shows you the benefit of both memberships. Wealthy Affiliates is certainly the best way to go for a home business!

Here is a Business Review for Wealthy Affiliate

Thanks For Reading.  We Hope This Was Informative


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