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Many years ago, my Dad was in a joyful mood.  He was retiring from a small food brokerage firm with a nice pension.  He had worked hard all his life and was now reaping the benefit of those years of labor.  He retired at 65 and lived another 30 years.   He and my mother had a great retirement together (except for her vision problems), but financially they were as secure as anyone could be.

As we look at today’s retirement situation how things have changed.  Over the past 30-35 years, the stability of retirement funds has disappeared.  Sure the 401K has been added, like other “saving or retirement programs”.  But the mainstream “pensions” are drying up like a river bed in the hot Arizona sun.

The promises of many companies cannot be fulfilled because of economic cutbacks.  One day you have a great retirement fund to look forward to and whamo…it’s gone.

There were many retirement stock market programs that some of you took out.  Many again, are gone!  Even with the present economic upswing, many retirement plans no longer exist.

OK,  maybe your plan is intact.   You are maybe one of the fortunate ones with an adequate pension but so many have lost theirs as companies reduce benefits to cut their expenses.

Even with a good retirement plan, are you financially happy?  Can you do the things you wanted to do before you retired?  Since you are reading this article, one has to assume that you could use some senior income opportunities.

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So How Can Seniors Find Income Opportunities?

I suppose you could delay your retirement.  Sometimes that is not possible due to company policy.  Maybe you got laid off just before retirement (there are some companies that are underhanded enough to do that).

Then maybe you have already retired and the bridge is burnt, you might say, as far as returning to your former employer.

Whatever the situation, you could use some extra cash to better that long-awaited retirement.  You really don’t feel like returning to the 8-5 grind again,  even part-time.  It is best to evaluate your situation.

Do you have ample time in your life now?  Can you really play golf every day?  You probably couldn’t afford that either.

Bill and Sue

Sue and I tried many things in an effort to bring in extra cash.  We tried various part-time jobs.  That helped, but that is a little self-defeating, as we were back in the workforce again.

That wasn’t really where we wanted to be.  We tried various online business and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) plans.  In many cases, these were outright scams or beyond our knowledge or abilities.  We wanted something we could do at home.

Then one day I came across an ad for Wealthy Affiliate.  This company said you start learning at the beginning, Step 1 not Step 50.  We thought this might be a good thing to look into,  after all, you can start at the “Starter Level” for nothing and receive a free website.

We did that back in June 2015.  But it did not take us long to realize for $49 a month (Premium Level) it was certainly worth the cost.  Not for one minute have we regretted joining Wealthy Affiliate.

The training is top-notch, the Community spirit is second to none, and we get free a website (small hosting expenses per year), free webinars, and many other grand benefits.

First, let me explain that Wealthy Affiliate is not an employer but a training platform. They will train you on how to make money online for as long as you want to. How is this done?

In order to make money online, you need a website. It is very difficult,  if not impossible to earn anything online without a website.  Wealthy Affiliate will build you a wonderful WordPress website in minutes.   

Now what is your main interest in life? What would you be doing if you weren’t working?  What about if you are already retired or retiring soon? Here is a way to prepare the way for retirement.


What is it that you are attracted to golf, hunting, child care, health-related issues, aviation, women’s make-up, autos, artistic interests, etc? What is your “passion” in life?  What is the thing you would like to do if you could?  There are hundreds of interests out there that you might want to do, but lack the funds to do it.

You don’t have to be concerned about selling something as that is not what affiliate marketing is all about.  Instead of promoting products on your website such as soap, cleaning products, vitamins, juices, and other non-interest products e, you would be promoting what you love.

This is not an “Overnite- quick-rich-scheme” It does require some work on your part. But the satisfaction of having your own business and seeing it grow is most satisfying. Financially, how much can be made?  That all depends on how much you work at it. Then of course what product can you promote?

You do not have to maintain any kind of inventory, your affiliate does that as well as handling payments, returns, and all other customer services transactions.  all you are doing is promoting the affiliate’s product through advertising on your website.

When you sell something in an affiliate marketing you get the commission and none of the physical product handling.  The company that you are affiliated with takes care of the orders and all related customer service..

“Who has these affiliate programs?” There are literally thousands of companies that pay commissions for their product sold by you. Amazon, Commission Junction, Thrive,  Target, Wal-Mart Sporty’s Pilot Shop, etc.  In fact, almost all companies that sell online may have an affiliate program.

It is easy to find the affiliate program through Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium level.  Just type in whatever your interest is (niche).  When you find an affiliate’s program of your interest, just simply follow the instructions,  The affiliate will give you the instructions on how to sign up and give you a link to put in your website.

So you say,  “What if I have some questions about learning, developing, and building my websites?  Wealthy Affiliate has a myriad of training from Bootcamp and Entrepreneur (120 lessons at Premium level) to webinars and Member special training on a variety of subjects.

When you ask a question at the appropriate space and the program will show you several possible answers.    Secondly, if that does not answer your question, then ask the question directly to the Wealthy Affiliate  Community at large.

Our valued Wealthy Affiliate Community usually answers in minutes with an answer.  Sometimes you might have to wait for a few minutes, but someone will come up with a suggestion to help you.  When you get more experienced you will be able to help someone else.  You are never alone at Wealthy Affiliate.

For more information on Wealthy Affiliate click here Business Review for Wealthy Affiliate.

Are you ready to step forward and start up your own successful business with the powerful training at Wealthy Affiliate?  Just click on the button below

Thanks For Reading.  We Hope This Was Informative


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