How to Make Money at Home Online

Introduction:  How to Make Money at Home Online

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to work at home?  Are you tired of that daily commute, long or small?

Then when you get to that worksite you have to endure that cranky, demanding boss, hostile co-workers, and boring job.  But hold on, you might say, I like my job,  it is exciting and meaningful, my boss is a sweetheart, and my co-workers are my best friends.

Let’s look at something else.  It doesn’t matter that much if you like or hate your job, don’t mind that long or short commute every day, all of us could use some extra cash, couldn’t we?

So instead of looking for that part-time job to get some extra money, let’s take a look at what working at home would be like.

When you work at home, you are the “boss”, you set your schedule, work as long as you want or short as you want, and have all the comforts of your home.  Working at home can be part-time or with a full-time goal in mind.

Before we go on any further, I want to say this is not a “get-rich-over-night” scheme.  It will take time and some effort on your part.  But the prospect of having your own business and being your boss can be very satisfying.

What kind of business will bring your part-time or full-time dream to come true?  The business I am talking about is Internet Affiliate Marketing (IAM).  What in the world is IAM all about?  First of all, it is a business done on the Internet.  Secondly, it is being an affiliate partner with a company that offers affiliate programs.

Let’s start with the first requirement is the Internet.  You do need a computer, preferably one that has a good memory and works well.  Then secondly you would need to find a company with an affiliate program.  Now, why do companies offer affiliate programs?  The main reason is advertising costs.  This is how it works.:

  1.  You sign up with Amazon or Target or hundreds of other companies looking for affiliates like yourself.
  2. On your website, you write articles or review the affiliate’s products.  As these articles get ranked on Google, interested customers come to your website and click on the link of your (parent) affiliate.  The (parent) affiliate provides you with a link to their website for the customer to go to and look for what they want.
  3. When the customer purchases from the (parent) affiliate product, you get a commission.

So you advertise for the affiliate company by posting your articles about the company or its products.  This saves the (parent) affiliate advertising costs.

When you sign up with the affiliate, they will let you know their rules, requirements, and commissions.

This is a very simple explanation of the Internet Affiliate Marketing program.  You can also do what is called semi-direct sales.  This might be selling things on e-Bay or Craigs List.  Do you like garage or yard sales?  You can pick a lot of interesting products that you could see on eBay or Craigs List.

You can also find wholesalers and drop shippers to buy products from and resell them on the eBay-style platform.

The drop shipper method is most desirable because when you make a sale, the drop shipper delivers the product and does all the cash collecting and other customer services.

Some of you might like the Direct Sale method   In this method is when you advertise a product on your website, similar to the Affiliate Program style, but you purchase the product from a wholesaler as an inventory item.  You then are responsible for shipping the item, collecting the proceeds (through PayPal, etc.), and handling other customer service functions.

There are other ways to earn money on the internet, such as Google’s AdSense.  If you are a strong writer, companies like Fiver or IWriter will pay you to write articles for others., through the internet

But you need to start somewhere to learn all the details and strategies of this exciting business.  I will introduce you to the best Internet affiliate marketing training platform in the world.  They have been around since September 2005.

This company was founded by Kyle and Carson and is called Wealthy Affiliate. and is ranked in the top 5 internet businesses by Scam-X-Poser ( from among thousands of internet businesses.  Scam-X-Poser rates internet businesses as recommended, not recommended, and scams.

You can be confident that you are dealing with a legitimate trustworthy company.  Let’s look a little further into Wealthy Affiliate:

There are three levels in Wealthy Affiliate; the Starter Level, Premium, and Premium + Level.  There are no upsells or any upgrades (except Jaaxy which is strictly optional)

The Starter Level will certainly get you started on your way to learning how to build a successful Internet Affiliate Market business (IAM).

There is no credit card required to start in the Starter Level.  As you look around and see what a grand experience you can obtain through owning your own business.

In the remote chance, you decide that this may not be a fit for you, there is no other involvement like deposits or fees of any sort.  But I have a feeling you will stick around and take a look to see the great potential that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Now I feel you will be interested in making your business a reality by stepping up to the Premium Level.    You don’t have to upgrade to be successful, but it will fuel your business in a way you didn’t think was possible.

The Premium Membership costs $49 a month or if you want to get great discount savings the annual cost is $495.  You save $93 a year with the annual price.  This entitles you to all of the benefits of the Starter Membership plus many more.

For information on Wealthy Affiliate take a look at the Product Review: Wealthy Affiliate

Take a look at the chart below and compare the differences.

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