How to Work From Home and Earn a Income


Have you ever thought how nice it would be to work at home and earn an income? No more gut-wrenching commute to work and back home.  Besides travel expenses, you have a wardrobe to consider.  Then there is being away from the family for a least 8 hours a day with a full-time job.  Is your boss an old crank, the work boring, and the working conditions not so good?

How could I earn a living at home”? Isn’t working at home just trying to sell something like soap or cosmetics? I don’t like direct selling! I have heard of MLM companies (Multi-Level Marketing), but that is not for me.” “My neighbor got me involved in that  one time and I didn’t do very well.”

It is true that MLM businesses require you to sell something.  It also is true that most MLMs require an upfront investment for products or just to join their organization.  This could cost from a few hundred $$ to even several thousand $$

So what other options are there to make money online?  You could try selling on eBay.  That also involves investing money in drop-shippers and selling expenses on eBay.

You could try direct selling in which you must find a wholesaler and build an inventory and advertise on your website (if you have one) and hope you can sell your inventory.

There is a better way that doesn’t involve direct sales or worse “cold” sales which are calls you have to make to someone you don’t know.  It is called affiliate marketing.  You don’t even need a product to sell, no inventory, no storage, none of that.

All you need is to partner with an affiliate company, an example is and Walmart. com,, and many others. There are many others you can affiliate with too. They take care of the orders, do the shipping and pay you a commission because you are “advertising” for them through your website.

“What could I put on my website that would attract readers and followers?” Let me ask you this, do you have a passion for life like golf, child care, antique cars, aviation, healthcare, personal development, outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, etc.?

Just think about what is the thing you like to do if you didn’t have to work. Why not take your passion or niche, which is something you love to do, and use it to make money? Your niche is what your website would be all about.

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Now we get to the sales part.

Would sales be so difficult if people would want to come to you because they want what you have? That would be kind of fun, wouldn’t it, that is helping others to get what they want?. That is very simply what you are doing with a website.

People use Google, Bing, or  Yahoo to find what they are interested in and the search engine will direct them to your website, as you get ranked. You help them and they get the product or service they are looking for.

Could it cost a lot of money to hire someone to build a website?  Yes, it could.  There is however a company that can build you a website in just a few minutes and it wouldn’t cost anything for the website (small annual hosting fee) and the training on how to use them.  The training also includes an abundant amount of knowledge on affiliate marketing and how to develop a thriving online business.

The company is called Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate will give you a free website in the Starter Membership.   The website in the Starter Level Membership is basically all ready to go.

The training you need to be able to use the website is included and the training will walk you through, with excellent tutorials.


Here are some of the things you get if you enroll in WA’s Starter Membership.:

1.  Free Website.

2.  Training on how to market your niche.

3.  Access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community for 7 days.

4.  30 Keyword Searches.

5.  Training on various internet subjects.

6.  An opportunity to look around the Wealthy Affiliate program and see how things work.

“What will all of this cost ?”

The only thing it will cost you to join the Starter Membership is a little bit of your time. If for some reason you don’t like it, you are free to leave and there is no cost to you of any sort.  There is NO Credit Card required.

One other thing I will speak bluntly about is that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT an “overnight get-rich scheme”. It will take a little time to get things going and yes, it will take an effort on your part to build a business. But it will be your very own business to run the way you want to and work when you want to.

If you really want to build a good revenue-producing website (in time) you will want to upgrade to the Premium Membership at $49/month. This will give you access to all the training and help, which is available at Wealthy Affiliates.

I might add it is not required to join the Premium ranks and still succeed at affiliate marketing, but it really helps in getting your business going into another dimension.  There are no other up-sales at Wealthy Affiliate.

The training program starts at step 1.

Unlike many Online Training programs, WA doesn’t give you a website and then leaves you high and dry.   So many programs assume you know all about computers, the internet, and affiliate marketing businesses and they start at step 50.  WA doesn’t do that. You get training at the basic level #1 and right on up to many of the online complexities.  Thus all the training you need is provided to get you started.

Is there help for questions about any area of training?”

Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliates have installed a concept that is very unique. This concept is a community of members who are devoted to helping one another not only to answer questions you might have but provide encouragement and personal support.  There is a reward for helping others at Wealthy Affiliate.  It may not be financial but is very satisfying.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community is made up of different people who can be brand-new members to very mature online marketers. All of us are there to help one another.  This is because we are not competing in the same niche or area of products.  Remember we are not promoting the same product.

It is called “Paying it Forward”. You need help with something and .usually several members will respond to your question. Then one day you may know an answer to someone’s question and you can help them.

But don’t take my word for it.

For information, click on Product Review: Wealthy Affiliate.

Come join WA as a Starter Member and see for yourself. It is FREE to start and join a remarkable community and be on your way to learning how to work at home online and one day leave the 9 to 5 grind behind!

Thanks for Reading.  We Hope This Was Informative

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