Is Wealthy Affiliate Real?

I ask you is Wealthy Affiliate real or is it a waste of time?  Sometimes to answer a question, it helps to state what it is NOT. Wealthy Affiliate is NOT an overnight, get-rich-quick scheme. Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a company that you work for. to earn money, Wealthy Affiliate is not a company that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to get started. Wealthy Affiliate does not require you to sell vitamins, juices, cleaning products, or anything for that matter.

So if it is not any of these things, what is it then? Wealthy Affiliate is a company that will train you to be an entrepreneur in online affiliate marketing.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming your own boss, setting your own working hours, and working from home? Then there would be no more commuting, and having to maintain expensive work attire. Being an entrepreneur can make your dreams can come true with Wealthy Affiliate or WA.

We sometimes think of wealth as a monetary thing. While that should be our goal, however, wealth is not always measured in $$$. In this case, it can be measured in the wealth of knowledge that you get at Wealthy Affiliate. You can take this knowledge and build a home business that will bring an income for you and your family.

I ask, knowledge of what? How to get an online affiliate marketing business started. The amount of training that is available is incredible and it may even be a little daunting at first. But as you follow each tutorial lesson, you learn all the things necessary to get a successful business going.  The training will take a little time, but well worth the effort.

For an online business to develop, you have to start at the beginning with the basic website. But with WA training, you will learn how to build a website in just a few minutes, even using use social media to help market your niche and promote the product of your niche or passion, through affiliates.

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Why do I need a Website?

To be successful in online affiliate marketing, you have to have a website. Your “Starter” Membership (which is free) includes a free website and is quite easy and quick to develop. Wealthy Affiliate does all the work in building a website. When you have your website up and running, you add articles, or “posts” as they are sometimes called, to your website. Before you start writing, you have to know what you are writing about. This is why you need a “niche”.

What is a”Niche”?

It is what you would like to do if you weren’t working at a job.  It is what you have a passion for? Are you interested in helping others with health issues? Is your passion for playing golf? How about personal growth and development? Maybe the area of automobiles is your thrill.  Maybe you have a flair for finance?

Whatever your niche or passion is, there is a market for it. You will have an audience of about 3 billion people who use the internet every day throughout the world.

Many training programs have you “selling” things you really don’t have much interest in such as vitamins, diet products, cleaning products, and other things. When you don’t have a passion for something it becomes drudgery maybe like your present job.

Whoa… I may be stepping on someone’s toes, sorry! You might like your work or career, but you need some extra cash. In your own home-based business, you decide how far you want to take it. It could be just a few hours a week of your time or more of a full-time endeavor, that is all up to you as to how far you want to go.

What are Affiliate Programs?

Just how do you market your passion? You do it through affiliate programs. An affiliate program is like being a “partner” with companies like Amazon, Ping Golf, Target, or other online companies.

The company you partner with handles all the orders, shipping, and customer service. You do the “advertising” on your website and receive a commission for the sales referrals that you send to the affiliate company.

There is no direct selling of products. Your articles/posts just explain what the product/service is all about. You will learn all about how to do this in the excellent training you will receive.

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You may have heard the expression, “It takes money to make money”. In the case of a “brick and mortar” business, it sure does. What are the estimated start-up costs of owning your own off-line business? This will astound you:

Coffee Kiosk: $60,000

Food Pantry Truck $114,000

Beauty Shop $162,500

Restaurant $275.000

Bar and Grill $375,000

Fitness Center (Gym) $800,000

Remember this is just START-UP costs. This doesn’t include monthly recurring expenses like rent, employee salary, insurance, utilities, etc.

Let’s take a look at some “online businesses”.  Some of these online businesses are in the Multi-Level Marketing category. There has been some controversy or the integrity of some of these companies, however, most MLM companies are of an upright nature.

However many “home-based businesses” require large start-up fees from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Then you probably will have to buy a certain amount of products every month to stay active or maintain a certain inventory.

This does require a certain level of selling skills to “move” the products to potential customers. How easy or how quickly can you do this? It depends on the product. It has been estimated that up to 80-90% of the participants in MLM Marketing, just break even or worse,  lose money.

While there is certainly no guarantee that everyone will make something in affiliate marketing, the percentage of success is much higher. But for starters, here at Wealthy Affiliate, you may join the program for free.

This enables you to look around and see if this is what you are looking for,at no cost. If you are serious about being your “own boss” and working from home, this may be a wonderful fit for you. WA does not hide the costs from you which are very, very moderate.

If you like what you see, you can upgrade (but you don’t have to) to Premium Membership for $49/mo. or the annual fee is $359, with a savings of $229 a year. There are no other “up-sales” at Wealthy Affiliate itself.

So is Wealthy Affiliate for Real?  It can be the best thing you have ever been associated with, in your life. Are you ready to be involved with the best internet/affiliate business training platform in the world?

Then click on “Create your Account today”.   For more information see Product Review on Wealthy Affiliate.

I Hope this was Informative  Thanks for Reading!




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