Internet Scams and Frauds

Bill and Sue


I want to advise you about internet scams and frauds and how they work. This is what happened to us several years ago.  The name of the individuals or companies is not so much of a concern as the pattern and method of the scammers.  The actual individuals and companies are probably no longer on the scene, so only their methods will be discussed.

Several years ago when I retired from Wake Island Flight Operations and moved to the western part of the United States.  I wanted to make some extra income, so I was looking on the Internet,  as many of you do.

I found an ad online that said, “Make a Good Living by Entering Data for E-Bay”.  Naturally, this sounded interesting.  There was a long story about this single mom, let’s call her  Barbara,  who had been laid off from work and was down to her last few $$.  She and her child were to be evicted from their apartment within a few days.

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