How To Make a Website in Less Then 5 Minutes


The definition of a website is slightly complex and a little confusing: “A website is a collection of related web pages including multimedia content typically identified with a common domain name and published on at least one server” So let’s take any confusion or mystery out of the term “website”. A website is where you “publish” any articles you create to be seen by visitors on the WWW or web.server.

Why is a Website Necessary?

In years past, if a person wanted to go into business for themselves they first had to seek out a store or perhaps an office to operate out if the product was more of a mobile type such as encyclopedias or maybe brushes.

The typical startup costs for a “brick-and-mortar” store were usually from $50,000 on up. Depending on the product to be sold and the person selling, the cost of a start-up was beyond the average person’s means.  As I mentioned earlier, you could sell books, brushes, and cosmetics as a “home business”

In most cases, the profit line was pretty thin and except for the very hardy and aggressive types, the ” door-to-door” sales routine discouraged many a participant. Today “door-to-door sales” attempts are many times banned from gated communities or just outright dangerous in our less-than-friendly society.

How can you conduct business in our world today without a large investment or sacrificing safety? The answer is the Internet or the “Web”. An Internet business can be run from the comfort and safety of your home.

So what is the source used to conduct this business, it is called a website. Without a website, there are few ways to do business on the Internet.

First of all, I will take the liberty and assumption that you already have a computer of some sort. There are “Smart Phones”,  tablets, and other electronic devices,  but a desktop or laptop computer is really the best way to do any business online.

So we can now assume you have that computer. The next thing necessary to conduct an internet business is a website. How do you use a website?

Now there are tons of recreational uses on the internet such as social media sites, games, chat groups, news sites, informational sites, and many more that you don’t need a website for.

In the business realm, however, you need a website for selling a product or being partners with a company whose product you can advertise on your website and receive a commission for each sale that comes from your website. This is called affiliate marketing.

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