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My name is Bill and I worked for DOD contractors on Wake Island over 32 year time period in a variety of aviation positions. I have a Commercial Pilot license with Instrument Rating. I am currently retired and interested in making some money in an On-line business. My wife, Sue is a retired RN. She has been in the health care field for over 30 years.


When we retired from our respective careers, we found we needed extra income as there was no retirement plan from DOD contractors (remember – lowest bid!) and nursing companies. We tired various “Home Businesses” from MLM companies to internet marketing training plans. All promised the “moon” but most delivered very little.

When I discovered Wealthy Affiliates I was skeptical at first. I wasn’t too excited into getting into another “bust” but when I saw you didn’t have to invest anything to find out what it was all about; I figured it was worth a try to see what they had to offer.

After signing on with them at the Starter Level, which is free, I saw that they started with training step #1 instead of step #55 (which is what many companies do…starting at Step #55). I knew virtually nothing about SEO, websites internet marketing and neither did my wife.

We started out together (with the approval of the founder, Kyle) and have worked together in learning all these things about Internet Marketing. There is so much more that Wealthy Affiliates teaches then the just basics but that is what we needed. At Wealthy Affiliates you go from the Basics to the Advanced.

Now one or two teachers could not know everything about this business. This is where the WA Community comes in. These are very friendly members of the WA Community which have been around a while with WA and or have had vast experience in the Internet and Internet Marketing.

The experienced members of the WA Community have learned much of their expertise at WA and now share this knowledge with the rest of the Community. This is why there is so much more training you can receive as a Premium member.

We have been with WA just a few months and have 3 websites running and soon they will bring the extra income we desire. They will do that if you follow the training at WA. The Community at WA is the fun area as you can make friends within the group who can help you whether it is technical or just plain encouragement when things get a little blue.


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